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GLOBU Health: The secrets you need to know about a colorful diet

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Did you know that color affects your mood? Your personality and character traits can also be expressed in a color. Did you also know that the color of food affects your body? That each color has its own strength? Did you know that your favorite color is often your favorite fruit and / or vegetable? Enough to find out more about, right? Read about the secret of colorful food in this article.

Sharing = Caring 

I sat on the sea shore with a dear friend and asked her what is your preferred organic product? Melon, strawberry and mango, she said. I asked her .. what's more, what are your preferred hues? Green, red and beige. Amusing that these are actually the shades of her preferred natural product. That offered taste to additionally investigate… The outcomes are amazing and fun. I like to impart them to you. 

Express your color 

You might know something about the impact of colors and its capacity on our lives. For instance, you can feel exceptionally glad and stimulated with yellow hues. Or on the other hand you get sentiments of adoration when you think about the color red. In various tests, particularly in business, characteristics are expressed in colors. Orange individuals are often result-oriented and love to get attention. In some cases we dress ourselves in the shade of how we feel. This can express your emotions through the color of your garments. 

Beautiful food is appealing and healthy

Food with a delightful colors frequently appeals to us. We tend to not like unnatural, dull colors. Have you ever thought about the color food you frequently put on the table? Guess what.. we frequently put similar shades of food on the table. While there is such a great amount of variety in colors. Did you ever think about the vivid foods grown from the ground are not only wonderful, but also are very healthy for you? Each color has its own beneficial effect on our wellbeing. That is why it is essential to have various colors of food on our plate. 

The various food colors and its health benefits

1. Red food: Warming, invigorating and empowering 

2. Orange nourishment: Fortifying, quieting and invigorating hunger 

3. Yellow nourishment: Harmonizing, purgative and purifying 

4. Green food: Calming and alleviating 

5. Blue food: Antiseptic, balmy and quieting 

6. Indigo nourishment: Fortifying 

7. Purple food: Increases innovativeness 

1. Red food: Warming, invigorating and empowering 

Red food is good for your kidneys, bladder and muscles and is a ground-breaking cancer prevention agent. Examples are tomatoes, red chime pepper, watermelon, fruits, cranberries, raspberries, beetroot, and strawberries. The lycopene gives tomatoes and watermelon its red shading. Red peppers are high in beta carotene. Red berries are a true wellspring of fiber and nutrients, for example, nutrient C. 

2. Orange food: Fortifying, quieting and invigorating hunger 

Orange food is useful for your hair, your teeth, your skin, your eyes, skin, hair, your bones. This is because of the high measure of beta carotene. Orange food additionally contains a ton of nutrient B6. This guarantees expanded opposition, invigorates your processing, guarantees the arrangement of red platelets and the best possible working of the nerve system. Have a go at putting melon, papaya, yam, orange, carrots, orange chime pepper, pumpkin, mangoes, peaches, apricots or some other or vegetable on your menu! Orange foods grown from the ground are wellsprings of beta carotene, cancer prevention agents and fiber. 

3. Yellow food: Harmonizing, purgative and purifying 

Yellow food is good for your stomach, liver and sensory system. Examples are corn, yellow chime pepper, yellow squash, bananas, lemons, grapefruits, potatoes or some other sun-hued produce. Potatoes and bananas are incredible wellsprings of potassium, fundamental minerals for cardiovascular wellbeing. Grapefruit and lemons are stuffed with nutrient C. 

4. Green food: Calming and relieving 

Green food is good for your eyes, your hair, your skin and your invulnerable framework. Practice environmental awareness! Green vegetables or natural products, for example, broccoli, pears, green beans, celery, white grapes, artichokes, zucchini, spinach, lettuce, peas, cucumber, avocado, kiwi, brussels sprouts or limes are very delicious, yet additionally excessively solid. Green vegetables and natural products are stuffed with sound supplements, for example, fiber, nutrients An and C. Did you realize that broccoli and cabbage are extremely healthy? 

5. Blue food: Antiseptic, soothing and quieting 

Blue food is good for having a good night rest without bad dreams. Examples of blue foods are raisins, blackberries, blueberries, plums, mushrooms. These are nutritious organic products that go about as cancer prevention agents. 

6. Indigo food: Fortifying 

Indigo is a color between the color blue and purple. Examples are fig and radicchio. In addition to the fact that they look pleasant, they are likewise extra healthy. The ingredient that gives the vegetables their shading is an especially incredible cell reinforcement. This forestalls cell harm and helps battle malignancy. Figs are incredible wellsprings of fiber and potassium, and are additionally high in nutrients and minerals. Particularly numerous nutrients A, B and C. For the gathering of minerals you should consider: potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. These are significant minerals for our body. Calcium, specifically, is basic for your bones and teeth. 

7. Purple food: Creativity and antibacterial 

Eating purple food has a very quieting impact. Purple food is useful for battling maturing. This is because of numerous cancer prevention agents and nutrient E. Nutrient E manages red platelet arrangement. It keeps up your muscles and different tissues and it is significant for your resistance. Eggplant, blooming kale, red or purple onions, red grapes, and plums are altogether scrumptious decisions. Red grapes contain hold reservatrol, which is useful for forestalling cardiovascular infection. 

GLOBU Health tip: 7 colors for 7 days 

Most people know that it is important to eat different vegetables. In order to get every single vital nutrient and minerals to have your body work appropriately, to be healthy and to remain sound. Maybe you don't have the foggiest idea what to cook today? Be inspired by all the colors of the rainbow. Seven unique colors for each day of the week. Seven days to think of something different. For instance, eat red food on Monday, yellow food on Tuesday, orange food on Wednesday, blue food on Thursday, green food on Friday, indigo food on Saturday and purple food on Sunday. There are sufficient options per shading, so there is plenty to choose from. 

Share your experience 

Add color to your everyday menu. Let the colors of the rainbow move you. You can likewise have your day by day outfit match the different colors of the rainbow. Astounding, isn't it to learn about the effect of a colorful diet, isn't it? Do you find this article valuable for your wellbeing and imperativeness? Help us to spread this article by sharing it on your social media. I also like and appreciate a comment or a like.

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