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GLOBU Health: Feel fitter in just one minute!

Bijgewerkt op: 30 jan. 2022

Do you want to feel fitter this week? You can feel fitter in 1 minute!

Make a DECISION today to run 20 minutes a day, once a week. As soon as you make this decision, you will instantly feel fitter. Easy, no? The next step to really get fitter is just DOING it. At least that's how I did it. I thought to myself, how do I get through this whole corona COVID-19 now? The daily rhythm I was always used to, completely changed.

Just get started running outside

I thought I'm not going to sit down. I'm just going to workout with what is within my power. So, I decided to set my alarm and get up at 9 o'clock. I started the day with a cup of coffee and went for a 20-minute outdoor run. Then I took a shower and started working. I have built this routine in for myself. Just by putting my mind to it.

What does 20 minutes of running give you?

I have been doing a 20-minute run for a month now. It has benefited me in so many ways, namely:

1. I am in better shape

2. I get up fitter

3. I start the day better with a better mood

4. I have more energy to get started with my work

5. I am calmer, but still full of ideas

6. I am in a better flow

How do you integrate this into your daily routine?

I have integrated something so small in my life, but it has such great impact. But how do you integrate running into your daily life? Make a decision and just do it. Decide on which mornings you want to run during the week. And then, just do it. Without thinking, just do it but be realistic. You can think, I will do it every day. But if you have never done this before, it is easier to start with once a week and build it up to example 3 x per week. Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep up and then it will be a one-hit wonder.

How to powerboost yourself?

Ask yourself what you need to go out full of energy. I always have a cup of coffee before I go for a run. That really gives me the powerboost to start. It may work differently for you, so just find out what powerboost works for you. Experiment with different things, and you will know what helps you. I hope that you will also feel better about yourself by running. Another great thing to know is that you boost your serotonin while running. That is what gives you a happy feeling. And who doesn’t want to feel happy? I would say, "Have fun & enjoy the running ride."

Share your experience: 1,2,3 Running Go!

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