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We said Corona NO & GLOBU GO

New insights

The corona virus has affected many people in multiple areas. So unreal and unexpected.  Who could have imagined this? But the great news is that it also gives a lot of time for obtaining new insights. This is the moment to take a closer look at what is going on in this “GLOBU” world. It was during this time of quarantine, while being obliged to stand still, that we were inspired to think about what we can do for our fellow human beings in this GLOBU world. We want to shine our sparkle of light into this world and also inspire you to take action to make the world a more beautiful GLOBU place.

GLOBU is born

This is how GLOBU was born. GLOBU stands for Give Love Be United. After all, now is the time to create a new future. Starting today. From today we are building a GLOBU society. We exchange the "I" to “GLOBU” (we). We are convinced of the power of cooperation. We are there for each other and we help each other. Just because together we are stronger. Giving is so much more fun and gives so much more joy and contentment into your life. 

GLOBU Give Actions

It doesn’t take a lot to start changing into being a giver, just one decision to be a giver. You will see that you will receive so much in return. For inspiration here are our top 5 GLOBU Give Actions from the past month:

  • Create Social Enterprise website (not finished yet, we are working on it)

  • Tidy up house, looked at what we could give away to the Philippines (people who have it much less)

  • Build a new website: to inform and inspire people

  • Helped people through Zoom

  • Paying attention to people who are normally forgotten, for example by sending a flower or card

GLOBU: Give Love Be United!

GLOBU's newly born vision works. And it's a lot of fun. By giving, you get so much in return. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor. Everyone can give something. Love. Money. A helping hand. Or simply make your knowledge, experience and attention available to others. Everyone is unique and special and has something specific to offer. We give. I give. GLOBU gives. Because you know what ... it immediately makes society more loving, softer, healthier, fairer, more fun and especially BEAUTIFUL. If you have any ideas, talents, things to share,  share it with us.

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May 21, 2020

The whole world changes because of this pandemic COVID-19. It changes a lot of people in everyday living. Most of them suffering especially those who don't have work because of lockdown. "No work No pay" " No money No food" which is experiencing mostly likely in the Philippines. There are negative impacts to people. All the establishments closed and families largely restricted to their homes. There is a large study parents is linked to a greater risk of mental health problems among children. The coronavirus crisis is already affecting the lives of children. But in other side, it gives positive impacts to people. We spend more time with our family, found ways connected with people. We practice better hygiene,…

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