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GLOBU Health: Probiotics a good remedy against baby colic

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Many newborns suffer from baby colic and rash in the first months of their lives. This is caused by the malfunctioning of the intestinal flora. Bowel and skin problems are closely linked. The intestinal mucosa plays a crucial role in this. If it does not function properly, a baby will suffer from intestinal cramps and rashes. In this article, you can read more about why probiotics are a good addition to the good bacteria and how it helps to prevent colic. 

What is healthy gut flora? 

The intestinal flora is the name for many types of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) that occur in the intestines. The intestinal flora has good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria support digestion and the immune system. Good bacteria prevent the bad bacteria from growing and restore the intestinal mucosa: the main barrier against invaders. The bad bacteria interfere with digestion and weaken the body through the formation of toxins. If the ratio between these two bacteria is in balance, you have a healthy or balanced intestinal flora. 

Why do babies get colic? 

Before birth, a baby is protected in the womb, which is a sterile environment. As long as a baby lives in the womb, a gut flora has not yet formed in a baby. There are also no bacteria in the uterus, so the baby is naturally protected from harm. Only during and after birth does a child come into contact with all potentially harmful and harmless micro-organisms. From this moment on, the intestinal flora starts to form. The gut flora works to support the digestion and immune system. It is now important that as many good bacteria as possible are present to be able to fight the bad bacteria. Often, this is not yet the case. As a result, a baby suffers from colic and/or rash. Very annoying for the baby and the mother of course. 

Immune system in the gut and rash 

A healthy intestinal flora is not only important for good intestinal function, but also for the proper functioning of the intestinal mucosa. The intestinal mucosa has an important function in the immune system of the body. It is the main barrier, or resistance, to intruders. When the intestinal mucosa does not function optimally, the resistance becomes disrupted. This can lead to inflammatory reactions, including in the intestines and the skin. The immune system of skin and mucous membranes is closely linked. A reaction in one place can lead to a reaction in a different place, for example, skin eczema or rash. 

Supplement good bacteria with Probiotics 

You can help develop a healthy gut flora in a baby. This will make a baby less likely to suffer from intestinal cramps and rashes. In addition, it also improves the immune system. The intestines can be supplemented with probiotics, good bacteria. This is how a healthy intestinal flora is developed. Or better recovery after an illness. Probiotics are considered to be completely body-specific and can be used in very young children, without risk. Today, probiotics are available in all types: capsule, pills and powder. For a baby, it is advisable to use a powder form. This can easily be combined with breastfeeding. Or it can be dissolved in baby food, milk, fruit juice or water. 

Optimal resistance and healthy skin with probiotics 

Regular use of probiotics can reduce excessive reactions in the gut, mucous membranes and skin, such as eczema or an allergic reaction. You can also choose to use the fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid (GLA) as a supplement. GLA is an important breeding ground for the intestinal mucosa. You can mix this in the baby food, milk or fruit juice, but you can also take it yourself as a mother. This is because the fatty acid is passed on to the baby through breast milk. 

Advice for remedying intestinal cramps and rash 

As you can read, a baby is often plagued by colic in combination with a rash. To remedy or alleviate this, it is important that a healthy intestinal flora is developed and the intestinal mucosa mature as quickly as possible. This can be done by producing more good bacteria. The good bacteria can be supplemented with a special probiotic for newborn babies. By using probiotics, inflammatory reactions are inhibited and intestinal cramps and skin problems can be structurally reduced.  

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